December 14, 2016

I can bet  that most of you have heard about minimalism. It has become in a hot trend on PINTEREST (Visit my profile here) and in general everywhere on the internet.4 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE A MINIMALIST SPACFirst of all, it is crucial to know and understand the concept of minimalism. For a lot of people, it is an extremist concept that forbid you from having material things. You can’t have a house, a car, or even TV. You must live with whatever fits you in a bag and basically brush your teeth with a recycle tooth brush and baking soda.

Being a minimalist IT IS NOT all those extreme ideas that people tend to create to justify their excuses of not trying the minimalism.

Minimalism is an expression, understanding and personal appropriation of your  material life and also your mental and spiritual one. Minimalism is a tool that will help you to live a life without attachments, free of worries, free of guilt, free of depression and stress. Being a minimalist will make you more conscious about who you are, what do you need and what makes you happy.

You will become in a person who thinks smart before going into the consumerism circle that we are right now. Each person will determine how and in what to apply minimalism according to their lifestyle. Some people clean out their closet and the amount of clothes, the decoration of their spaces, cooking and eating easier, and getting out a lot of mental and spiritual garbage. The final goal is eliminating all the extra luggage that we are carrying in our life that doesn’t help us to move on to achieve our dreams.

There are not rules, or a specific method about how to do and being minimalist. Just start cleaning out and realizing what you own and appreciate it.

I am a huge fan of a clean and open rooms and spaces. Those without much things and everything in place. OBVIOUSLY each person has different taste and preferences. BUT let me tell you 4 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE A MINIMALIST SPACE.


Who doesn’t want that?? If you decide to have a minimal space, you will save tons of money because you don’t have to buy accessories and furniture that are not necessary. At the same time, you will have extra time from cleaning and organizing that you could use it to do something more productive.


When you have in a room the right elements with the right design and size; The room automatically will feel bigger and brighter. You don’t have to use a modern or contemporary furniture or black, gray and neutral colors to achieve a minimal look. No matter the color or design, if all the elements are proportional to the room and you love them. It will work wonderful having few elements well distributed in the space.


Usually people tend to transform a room, closet or corner into a deposit for the family. Keeping things just because of the idea that might be useful one day. Please don’t do it!!! take out the bad, the old and the broken things.  When you eliminate what you don’t need will give you the clear vision of what you have and will help you to organize your life knowing what and where you have your belongings.

If you are planning t replace things, have in mind that QUALITY over price. Buy something that may cost more but you know that the quality will last long.


Your space is the reflection of inner life. If your house is a mess and fll or chaos, probably your life is in the same situation. You might need an intervention that will help you to resolve your issues from the roots and achieving mental peace.

For me, nothing better that a space clean, with all in place, balanced and with neutral, basic colors with a pinch of color. Ahh also a unique statement piece. Take the chance to clean and re design your spaces which will give live, happiness and calm.

Do you like or nor the idea of minimalism?? Are you interested in a makeover into your spaces to give them a minimalist air?? Let us know in the comments below.



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