January 26, 2017

Mirrors have been an important part in decorating for centuries. They are part of our day to day life . It would seems that mirrors are a necessity without knowing it, and in most cases people do not know how to take advantage of it and use it as key elements of decoration at home 4 WAYS TO DECORATE WITH MIRRORS

There are a thousand ways to use mirrors in a space. Maybe you have heard that in a small and dark places, adding mirrors will make the space feel bigger and brighter. Well, there is a lot of reason, but you have to know what shape and design to add to your spaces. Obviously it will depend on the style of your house. (FIND YOUR HOME STYLE HERE) Here are 4 ways you can use mirrors to decorate your rooms; Let’s begin


This style fascinates me. If you want to use mirror from floor to ceiling, consider two things: the place and the design. The most recommended place to use mirrors and generate that effect of infinite space and luminosity are the bathrooms, halls and dining rooms. Personally,  I do not recommend mirrors in the bedroom for beliefs in Feng-shui as it alters energy in the space. But if you do not believe in that, don’t pay attention and add mirrors if your room needs it. 4 WAYS TO DECORATE WITH MIRRORS

You can install a mirror mural or just add a framed one that adds personality to the place.

Nob Hill CondominiumPetra Harms: „Wohnideen aus dem wahren Leben“Miami Interior Designers - Architectural Volume by DKOR Interiors

Saville Isaac - Central Coast Beach House
MJ Lanphier


If you like a most relaxed and elegant look, a round or oval mirror will be the perfect element; for your entrance, in a wall that lacks personality or in a special corner of your home. You can choose the frame depending on your style. Antique, modern, recycled wood, metallic or simply without frame.


If you love to decorate walls with pictures, photos or art, a mirror is perfect to give a unique touch to the gallery. Remember before opening holes in the wall, organize the pieces on the floor and distribute them symmetrically and proportional to the size of each other.


If you like more a vintage style, shabby chic or eccentric, definitely the mirrors with different shapes and styles will give you a unique personality. You can also choose those mirrors with abstract shapes and geometric compositions. These kind of mirrors goes with those houses with more risky styles and without fear of being different.

Whichever mirror you like, it will definitely change the energy, perception and luminosity of your spaces.

Which mirrors would you like to add to your house ??

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