WELCOME!!! I am so trill that you decided to stop by into my Lifestyle & Travel blog 

My name is Milé Rubio . A 20-something Colombian, dreamer Architect, living in Vietnam.


Way back in 2013,  I  Started this blog just for the pleasure of share my travels in Asia and thoughts with family and friends. At the beginning was called (top4 addictions). Then after a wonderful Europe trip with my family in  in 2015, I came back to Vietnam with a different mind set and more inspire than ever.

So ,I decided to create my own brand and business. The first step was to re-named my blog and change basically everything in here. ( here check my first Video- post ), So Milerubio.com was born.

I am a professional architect. The world is expecting me to just design buildings, houses and work in a design firm.

But inside of me, I want to create and design more than that.     ————       I want to create experiences and  feelings. Design interior spaces with a meaning, and  at the same time, creates a LIFESTYLE, that inspires and empower YOU to live the mosthappiest and stylish life possible…. While travelling the world off course (actually; it  was and still is my dream since I was a kid,Read more about it HERE )

My main goal here is INSPIRE YOU, in any way, in any form, How??

You will see content relate to

HOME DECOR : DIYs, makeovers,tips and many other ideas to inspire y2ouu to be your own Interior designer , and no, you don’t have to pay me for it ;)

STYLE:  I love to give my personal touch in every look, so why not sharing them with you..

LIFE: I am not even close to know everything about life. I am in a wonderful journey of learning, observing, exploring and just improving my self in every single aspect of my life. I want to share what I am learning and give value to you……. you will see vegan recipes, some mindfulness, inspirational and motivational posts.

Because life is a long ride so you must be ready for every single flat tire.

Last but not least…

TRAVEL: I have the wonderful opportunity to discover and visit a lot of wonderful new places. I want to take you along the way with me and   share my travel tips and guides, so you will be ready to take that plane and enjoy the adventure.

Hope you get some inspiration on my blog and also on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL, Don’t forget to subscribe!!!!

I am constantly changing my mind, evolving, adding and creating things, so I guarantee  you  that you will have content to share and inspire others . Keep inspiring too!

Thank you for LET ME INSPIRE YOU,  I hope you enjoy the visit and see you soon back again.


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