January 14, 2016

Happy New Year 2016 to all of you!!!! I hope you had started a 2016 full of new energy, new goals and a positive attitude.

For me took 2 weeks to start the year, after a long and beautiful family vacation around Vietnam. But now, I am back and determine to make this year, THE YEAR! So, if you are new to my blog, I hope you stick around and follow my journey of creation an inspiration designing a beautiful life. Come and say hello (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).. Now Let’s talk about organization, shall we?

HOW TO START THE YEAR ORGANIZING YOUR LIFE?? It is a new year a new opportunity of grow and a chance to achieve your goals. My biggest resolution of this years is to organize my life in order to have clarity and efficiency to accomplish my outcomes.

Like every single year, I do my infamous “New year’s resolution” … write it down in a miserable piece of paper that last me less than a month and all my resolutions get vanish at the end of February… ( I hope not to be the only one here).  Anyway, I used to be SUPER organize. In High school, I had the most detail and precise agenda/planner. I knew where, when and what to do every day. I was happy!! I was never late, never EVER missed a deadline for a homework (call me nerd, I know) but, I was so glad to have control of my life and had more free time.

Now, after university and living the “grown up life”, it’s more difficult to keep track of every single thing. Last year,  I tried to come back to my old detail and precise agenda, but it was a boring and unsatisfied experience + my lack of productivity. Then I tried everything, from DIY planners, to phone apps, but nothing really sticks into my heart— Until now—

There are many ways to organize time, events and projects. Each person is different when it comes to organization. I am a wild mind and I am always thinking of how to DIY something or a new design, so a precise and limited agenda basically doesn’t’ work for me. Here I will share with you 4 ways of how to organize your life and you will choose the one that fits with your lifestyle.

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Bullet journal


General vision

Let’s start with the most basic and easy way to organize your days and life in general. Use a white board to write down your to do list, events and notes, and cross them out when you complete them. This method is really useful for study and daily to do list. Also you can draw a calendar where you can see clearly a big picture of activities for the month or the week.


 Easy – fast – Pre made 

if you like to write things down, simple and basic orfanization; an agenda or planner is for you. There are a lot of many many options in the market that you can reach for. Depending of your budget, you can buy a generic agenda with the basic year calendar and weekly planner space. But if you want to indulge yourself and invest in a better quality and design, there are a lot of nice and hand-made option on ETSY or fancy ones out there. Here some of my favorites

Etsy Shops

Fancy planners


  On the go 

If you are the type of person that keeps a busy schedule, live on the phone and always on the go; maybe a calendar or planner app is for you. I used several ones that help me in case I don’t have my physical planner with me.

The first one is EVERNOTE.

This app allow you to write down your ideas, notes, and reminders photos and more all in one place. I use it when I do not have any paper on hand or I am traveling. Very convenient for someone that need to have all the ideas an notes organize and not hundreds of post notes all over the place.


I use this one when I have a lot of thigs to do. Has a really nice layout and design. You can create labels, datelines and much more. When you forget or don’t finish something on your list, the app remind you every day that you have something to finish my friend!!


The most popular one and easy to use. The great benefit with this google calendar is that syncs with your email and smartphone, also shareable  with others . You can create categories, use different colors and organize your life events super fast and easy.


Create minds

As I told you, I have used and tried ALL of the ones I mention before. Never could keep up more that a month. I like to write things down, but not in the conventional way. I don’t like to feel that If I have an extra information to add I would not have space to write it. So I found  a nice, creative and fun way to organize my ideas, to do list, goals, whish list etc. it is called BULLET JOURNAL. It is a book that works as a journal, planner, diary and anything you want it to be. It is free design, according to your creativity, activities and needs. I have been doing mine and so far sooo good. I feel more motivated, inspired and organize. I do not follow exactly the bullets system, because I am using a similar book and I just added and designed in a way that for my brain is clear and looks good. Here you can check more about the bullet journal( original) and also so many wonderful people doing and using this journal in their own way to organize their life. here some of my faves

Well, hope you start this year with all the best and determine to make 2016 THE YEAR to organize and make a difference in your life.

Have you ever use any of this methods to organize your life? Let me know in the comments bellow  .

Have a great time planning and don’t forget to keep inspiring


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